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I am passionate about repurposing rather than discarding and renovation rather than destruction. I will work with you to create , redefine and design your space to match your goals. 

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about eileen

A passion to make the world around me a better place has fueled everything I have done. As a teacher I worked hard to educate, a career in catering allowed me to meet the needs of my clients and after receiving a degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design I wondered how could I use good design to make the world around me better?

Before I could concentrate on this endeavor I was met with a very personal challenge. My husband had suddenly passed away and left me with a huge amount of collectables that were his valued possessions. I was overwhelmed. How could I determine what was really important?  How could I incorporate some of it into my life?  How could I use what I knew about design to help reshape my world?  I researched for people that could help me and found wonderful, trustworthy people that were willing to work with me while listening to what I had to tell them about what brought me to this junction.  I reshaped my environment and since then have helped others struggling with similar situations.

Design determines how we feel, what we do and how our surroundings look.  It plays an extensive role in the way we engage with the world around us. I hope to create more joy in our world through good design.



Design and Architecture Degree, Harrington College of Design in Interior Architecture

Certified Docent, The Chicago Architecture Foundation