I truly understand that things we own and carry a history can have a strong emotional attachment, yet sometimes it is necessary to either let them go or create adaptive reuse to give them new life and new meaning.
— Eileen Jacobs, Owner

Happy Clients


Shape, color, pure form or functionality, Eileen is my go-to guru for sound and reliable advice as proven by all the positive comments I get from my guests.

— Devorah E.

Eileen brings years of training, experience and love to everyone she works with.

— Helane H.

When it became necessary to move out of my house of 45 years, Eileen knew just how to set up my new living space. She made a dreaded task into an enjoyable one.

— Diane P.

I have kept Eileen on retainer for the next 25 years to do the rest of my house!

— christine d.


I needed a lot of help integrating my "objects d'art" into my new home. With a few simple suggestions, a couch moved sideways, an end table moved here, a lamp exchanged for a vase there and voila, Eileen's turned my living space into a show-space. Now, everything fits totally well together.

— william p.

I moved into a new home with no idea of what was in store for me. With a few simple suggestions, Eileen turned an onerous job of unpacking into a showplace that should have the lead in Better Homes or Architectural Digest.

— bill E.

I am pleased to endorse Eileen Jacobs as a designer. She brings an upbeat attitude and energy to everything.  Eileen helped me organize and redecorate my condominium. My budget was limited and Eileen respected the constraints and helped me spend my money effectively. She made a number of wonderful suggestions on color and designed a beautiful bar for my office. The bar gave new life to a beautiful old stereo cabinet. By finding the perfect shelving unit and tastefully arranging the liquor and glasses, the bar works well in my home office.

Eileen brings a wealth of practical knowledge and a great eye. I heartily endorse Eileen Jacobs.


I loved working with Eileen when I moved to a new house. I didn't have a huge budget and Eileen was talented at using what I had to give my new place a whole new look. Her sense of color is exceptional, and she picks the perfect paints! She has a great sense of style and worked with me to make my new home beautiful. 

— Ellen C.